About Love Corps

Love Corps is a non-profit organization that partners with churches to send a team for a short-term summer mission trip to various First Nation communities all over British Columbia, Canada. The participating church would attend training camp where they will attend seminars that will equip them for ministry, as well as hearing a speaker that will encourage them as they go on the mission trip. After the training camp, the participating church will go on their outreach. The main focus of outreach is to share the gospel to the First Nation communities, to witness God moving in their lives. 

Mission Statements

  • To share the gospel of Christ to the First Nations people through word and action.
  • To understand and respect their culture and tradition.
  • To show the love of God for the First Nations people and villages.


Est. in 1995 by Korean Reverend S. D. Hong and Reverend Bruce Brown of the Haida nation, we have worked for the past 21 years with one vision:

"To witness God healing the broken hearted and raising up leaders among the First Nations people of British Columbia."


Children Ministry
Children camp (Vacation Bible School) where the focus is sharing the gospel to children.

Village Ministry
Providing community service such as offering to clean homes, cut grass, or picking up garbage around the community. Being a blessing to the community.

Evangelism to All Ages
Sharing the gospel to all ages through personal testimony, skits, worship dance, and bible studies with those that are interested.

Culture & Revival Ministry
Open communication with new villages through the sharing and exchanging of cultural heritage, supporting the revival of believers in the villages.

Training Camp

Training Camp is a place where members of Love Corps participate in fellowship, restoration, and rejuvenation prior to their missions to the First Nations People of Canada. We believe that your own spiritual journey with Christ is just as important as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, therefore Training Camp is a time for you. In that sense, Training Camp provides an environment and community devoted to self-care and reflection, while also providing group settings for fellowship with your own team, but also members of other teams from all around Vancouver and Canada. Through seminars, workshops and guest speakers it is our hope to equip members of Love Corps for the task at hand. In addition, as much as we emphasize your personal journey, we also believe in the importance of being part of the one body of Christ. Through activities, events, meals, and general free time you will also have many opportunities to talk to others about their own spiritual walks, past Love Corps experiences and daily lives. Here at Love Corps, we want Training Camp to be a place of restoration, rejuvenation, learning, and ultimately a fun and lasting memory. We hope that through this experience, you not only grow your own spiritual walk with Christ, but also create many relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our Prayer

Please pray for:

  • Spiritual restoration and healing for this land and the hearts of the First Nations
  • The raising of leaders from the First Nations communities
  • God's calling upon passionate short-term missionaries to serve Love Corps ministry
  • God's guidance for our preparations, our speakers, seminar presenters, and planning team
  • Thanksgiving to God for His work in the hearts of people